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The Dirty Art Show February 6th!


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10922746_620867524725230_2899712253362343424_n Hello once again! As mentioned below this is the second gallery opening I have scheduled in the same night! Can you believe it?

Encounters: A Dirty Art Show, featuring the artistic talent of Troy Musto, Linda Gonzalez, Idella Spann and yours truly, will be taking place at Twisted Studios ( a legit S&M dungeon!), 1239 Vine st. Philadelphia, from 8-12am, on the first Friday of February the 6th.

Very much looking forward to this show; if the title doesn’t give it away,  *I should remind you that this is an erotic art show that maaay not be suitable for the younger art appreciators out there.*

Hope to see everyone there after the Art Dept opening!



Peter Oravetz

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